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Painting Classes

Acrylic Painting Classes

This is an exploratory approach that offers a fun challenge to the beginning painter. Its an ideal opportunity to observe and explore a ranging variety of techniques to produce different paint effects on the canvas, as well as contemplating the basics of composition and color. A wide range of results can be achieved using acrylic paints: from a transparent watercolor effect to thicker oil painting-like textures. Demonstration and modeling will be provided by the instructor. Personalized instruction is given to each student along with on-going support to enable them to reach their full potential. Acrylics are the choice of artists who like to experiment.

Adult Painting Classes: Thursday 1-3 pm
Children Painting Classes: Thursday 4-6 pm
For More Information Call me 956-457-1010 

Oil Painting Classes

In this class, you will learn the essentials of oil painting, which may include color mixing and theory, paint handling, composition, and techniques such as under-painting and glazing, impasto, palette knife painting, fat over lean, and more. You will focus on color and composition, learning to create interesting arrangements, and discover the relationships between value, color, and intensity in your painting. You will use limited and full palettes, and learn to capture the light and shadow in your images. You will create one painting starting from a drawing, progressing to under-painting, and all the way through to full color. Instructor demonstrations, and personalized instruction will help you build successful skills to create your own paintings.