Fine Artist and Designer

Welcome to My Art Site

I was born in Colombia, South America, with an innate inclination for painting and design since childhood. Study architecture in Colombia and obtained a Bachelor of Art diploma from Mississippi State University.

I have displayed my artwork in several countries where I have extensively resided. I am interested in creating abstract artwork that reflects my love of nature and color. I am currently developing a creative process that is experimental. My approach is to explore the boundaries between realism and abstraction as well as to manipulate vibrant colors. The use of light gives my art a dramatic air and a touch of mystery.

Cubist tones are apparent in my work, with a particular emphasis on linearity and geometry. I capture the abstract with edges and angles. Other influences include my travels and experiences abroad, which I have translated onto the canvas. As my paintings become a reality, I experience a great deal of enthusiasm. When my art work is finished, I feel that I have accomplished my goal and that I have expressed my emotions and imagination. Once my work is revealed, I await to see how my art is received and how it captivates its viewers.

Experienced artist with extensive knowledge in art techniques including oil painting, acrylic painting, pen and ink, airbrush, silkscreening, collage, pencil and charcoal drawing and digital imaging manipulation. Experienced graphic artist and an owner of a web design company.

For More Information call me at 956-457-1010